Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A Hush Falls Upon the Crowd...

Recently recieved, and presumed genuine:

So, a mere student deems to tell the professor that
he is full of feathers?

I would suspect that your bias towards the
terrorists of Israel make you an expert on such
matters, as downing this well respected man.

If what you say about Chomsky is so salient, then
why hasn't a major publication sought you out?

You seem to be a snot nose kid, who needs to study
more of his studies, instead of wasting time
blathering on the internet.

Chomsky has been unfairly taken to task before, and
every time, Noam has answered back with his razor

I sent him your piece on his Middle East book. I
will email his answer shortly.

I assure you, that will most certainly be posted.