Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Chomskyite Catechism

Via email (anonymous, of course): cannot argue with the Chomsky, you know? And it's pointless to try. Is it because he's smarter than you (and he is)? No. Is it because he's better than you (hard to say whether this one's true)? No. It's because he's a truth-teller. He tells the truth about the capitalist machine, what it takes to run it (how much blood the boilers need, in other words) and what its implications are. Chomsky's just too cutting for most people to take. Yes, the U.S. is like Nazi Germany these days; it's a comparison that's too compelling for anyone but the most hard-core dullards/deniers to ignore. The Nazis invaded Poland, with all attendant scariness and weird swastika symbols; America invades Iraq with smiley-faces plastered on everything and ol' glory waving in the breeze. It's a kinder, gentler form of fascism, that's all. What's the logical endpoint of capitalism? Imperialism. What's the logical endpoint of imperialism? Fascism. What's the logical endpoint of fascism? Violent overthrow, revolution, the rabble burning the rich. Never forget the following: it's in the capitalist state's best interest to have a 9/11 go down, and, subsequent to that, it's in the capitalist state's best interest to work for the passage of a PATRIOT Act (which couches fascistic policy in that singularly time-honored, fear-based necessity: protecting the "homeland" [spin in yer grave Mr. Orwell!] from terrorists and the brown-skinned "other"). Chomsky knows that American democracy is a load of horseshit that nobody even bothers to serve warm anymore, and further knows that propaganda is the true lifeblood of the capitalist state, working to convince the citizenry that the horseshit is indeed piping hot and completely different from the last load of horseshit they were served (as opposed to being, in reality, very cold and without question the same horseshit as always).

Someday, Chomsky will be regarded as a great man, one of the greatest - he may even get his face on a coin or a dollar or something - and Ronald Reagan will be vilified as an ugly, wretched scourge the earth had to endure for too many years. This is WAY in the future - 500 years? - and although contested, is undoubtedly the truth. (Don't even bother to refute it, it's gonna happen and you know it.) It takes eons for the great ones to be judged by history's most objective eye, and Chomsky, with this eye upon him, will be revered as one of the great ones.

History will also wonder what the hell was going on with our veneration of murderers, plunderers, environmental rapists, etc. I hope there's a time machine out there in the future, and they come and visit me, 'cause I will tell them the truth.

I think I'll let this one speak for itself.