Thursday, May 27, 2004

We Have Them Here Too

Here's some information on Israeli Chomskyite Neve Gordon, whose father, Haim, is a good friend of Chomsky himself. Gordon shares Chomsky's pseudo-objectivity and moralistic affectation, not to mention a nasty habit of skirting the edge of his country's laws on high treason. I find the description of Gordon's lecture to the IDF fascinating, it underlines the extraordinary disengenuousness combined with shocking naivite which is displayed by so many Chomskyites. Two of his "good" leaders, Ghandi and MLK, were not leaders of a state and therefore were free from making any sort of decisions relating to war, domestic stability, or, in fact, any hard decisions whatsoever. As for Mandela, he's certainly done some extraordinary things, but as all real political leaders have, he's palled around with his fair share of shady characters and causes. He's hardly the angelic figure Gordon paints him as. No politician could be. Gordon's argument, as in all his other arguments, is a mixture of political mythology and emotional blackmail, dressed up as scholarship. He learned from the master.