Friday, May 21, 2004

Send Me Some Lies

I would love it if some of you would write in with your experiances of witnessing some really brazan lying by Chomsky or one of his acolytes. Just post them right to the comments page. Mine occurred when I heard him interviewed on a Boston radio station (kid gloves of course, he never allows himself to be questioned by anyone who might take a critical stance). He ran through a list of Israeli military attacks over the last few days that had attacked "civilian targets". He didn't mention, however, (and I only knew this because of my obsessive following of the news from Israel) that these "civilian targets" were empty buildings. Why were they empty? Because Israel had called beforehand to tell everyone to evacuate. In other words, Israel was trying to save civilian lives while also responding strongly to use of terror against its civilians. Fairly admirable if you ask me. Apparently, Chomsky was afraid the audience would have the same reaction. Shamelessly dishonest and utterly typical of the man.

(This blog should allow you to post anonymously if you don't want to set up a blogger accunt.)