Thursday, July 07, 2005

For London

I hate writing these things, and I've had to write more than a few of them. My mother is English and I was raised with a great deal of English culture; so the attack on London is as personal for me as any attack on America or Israel. I can only send my love and my prayers to the people of England; and express my hope that the monsters who committed this atrocity will pay for their despicable crimes. England has withstood worse than this, and I have faith that the quiet strength England has displayed in the past will manifest itself again. On this black day, I can think only of the words of a writer infinitly superior to myself, so I leave the testament to him.

Thus far, with rough and all unable pen
Our bending author hath pursu'd the story
In little room confining mighty men
Mangling by starts the full course of their glory
Small time: but in that small most greatly lived
This Star of England
-William Shakespeare, Henry V