Sunday, May 28, 2006

Inhumanity on Display

Allyson Rowen Taylor of the AJC suffered through the UC Irvine conference I mentioned in the previous post. Shocked and stunned doesn't even begin to describe her experience. There are no words for the despicable violence that is now being practiced upon the Jewish populations of America's universities by their fellow students and the cowardly or racist administrators who facilitate them. It is, apparently, not enough for American higher education to subject their Jewish students to consistent intimidation and slander, affirmative action policies that deliberately limit their numbers, and an attitude of at best indifference and at worst total contempt for their concerns. They must also, it appears, be brought to tears by the total negation of their existence, enforced by the campus police. The Muslim Student Association is, of course, guilty of the most vile form of racism in holding this conference, but the true villians are the administrators who should, and claim to, know better. Ms. Taylor asks a desperate question which gets to the heart of the matter.
I was with an associate and after I was escorted from the area behind the "apartheid wall" to sing with the supporters of Israel, we chatted with one of the campus police. My friend asked if this was a rough event to cover, as it was contentious and very hostile. The campus officer said, "Protecting the MSU is easier than than the Campus Republicans". How very sad. Conservatives on this campus are treated with more hatred than students who wear Kyffia's and support Iran and it's daily calls to eliminate not only Israel, but the United States of America. I wonder to whom these students' loyalty belongs. Iran? Syria? North Korea? Is this the new radical chic?
The terrifying answer is, of course, yes. But Ms. Taylor is wrong about one thing, what is happening here is not sad, it is inhuman. I don't wish to fly off the emotional handle, but the truth must be faced. If something does not change, and change soon, it is only a matter of time before the second genocide of the Jews becomes radical chic as well.

Thanks to LGF for the link.