Friday, January 06, 2006


Thy glory, Israel, is fallen upon his heights.

What does one say when giants are dying? Perhaps in a day or two I will say more than this, but right now, one thing is certain: we have lost our DeGaulle. The way forward is clear, but without him it will be more difficult, more complicated, and much slower in coming. His slanderers will curse his name in the coming days, and those of us who admired and believed in him will smile and keep our own counsel. He took the slings and arrows for all of us, for the entirety of his people. He loved us and he fought for us until the inevitable came. Every man, however strong, however great, must eventually face the unavoidable fact of mortality. He has done enough, more than enough, more than could be requested of any man. He made his mistakes, and they were our mistakes; he achieved the greatness he sought for his entire life, and it was ours as well. Sharon is the last of a generation of giants. He was of a generation which is now a part of the past, and the country they hewed out of barren rock is now stronger than any single man. In that, we may take more than some comfort amongst the tragedy.